How to become a member?

Admission process

Download the application by clicking on  DOSSIER ADMISSION ET CONDITIONS

Alternatively, you can remove an application from the secretariat of the Club or the Director who are at your disposal to help you in your efforts.

Please send your request by e-mail to:

The Chantaco members receive a discount for their guests. These rates are valid only if the guests are accompanied by members on the course.

Rates for rental of trolleys, carts are for their own use.


The subscription to the SAS of the Chantaco golf includes:

 Online booking 48 hours in advance

 Reciprocities with regional and Spanish clubs

 Provision of a location for your bag

 Provision of a locker in the locker room

 Provision of a practice card credited on 1 January of:  120 buckets for a subscription to the year

 110 buckets for a 11 months subscription

 100 buckets for subscriptions 'Craftsmen' admission bleed

For the year 2018, the entry fee will be exceptionally €470

FFGolf license is required

 (Born before 1993) adult: € 54

 Born between 1993 and 1999: €30

 Young (2000-2005): €19

 Child (from 2006): € 13