These local rules complement the permanent local rules

Out of bounds R. 27
Ground delimited by fences, railings, white stakes and/or white lines on the ground (lines are prevalent to stakes), walls and property fences.

Immovable obstructions R.24.2
Buildings on the grounds
Paved road to the left of No 5 hole
Staked trees (the whole of the tree/stake/basin at the base)
Grates over drainage holes
Fixed sprinkler heads

Part of the grounds
All roads and paths, except the paved road located at the left of No 5 hole.

Water obstacles and lateral water obstacles R.26
Identified and/or delimited by pickets and/or colored lines on the ground :
Yellow for water obstacles
Red for lateral water obstacles
Reminder : open drainage ditches, even if unmarked, are lateral obstacles of which the limit is the natural slope incline.

Grounds under repair R.25
Areas delimited by white stakes and/or white lines on the ground as well as the unmarked areas such as :
Damaged and/or gravelled drains
Ground changes levels due to the watering system
Gully erosion in bunkers


A mythical golf course in the pure Basque tradition

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